Golden Locket



Luna is a 19 year old girl. Hard-headed and strong. She pretends to be rude, but she's very soft when it comes to feelings. Not the brightest one,  she gets easily upset, specially when it comes to complicated situations that she doesn't understand. She is loyal, and would do anything for her friends.
Age: 19
Skin tone: Normal
Height: 170 cm.
Body Type: Normal.
Skill Type: Fighter.
Weapon: Iron Knuckles.
Orientation: Straight.
Relationship: None atm.


Luna's 18 year old cousin. She's smart, though not very clever. She acts polite in compensation for Luna's bursts of rudeness, knowing what Luna's true nature is. She's a magician's aprentice, so she's still have a lot to learn, still, she did not hesitate to join her cousin for adventure.
Age: 18
Skin tone: Pale
Height: 160 cm.
Body Type: Slender.
Skill Type: .
Weapon: Staff.
Orientation: .
Relationship: None atm.


A shy, optimistic boy. He will always try his best, even though he is weak and cowardly. Orphaned from a young age. He and Corduroy travel together, since the older boy picked him from the streets.
Cecil has lime green eyes, and blonde hair that goes a bit under his chin. He also has a very female appearance, and it's a bit short for his age.


A bandit with a misterious past. He is a very sensitive guy, his moods change quickly. He is usually good-natured, and likes to joke around, but he gets serious in dangerous situations. He never talks about his past. He really likes food, and it's good at cooking.
Corduroy has dark blue messy hair. His bangs/sideburns are slightly longer than the rest of his hair. His right eye is black, and his left gray.


Luken's twin sister.
A 21 year old woman. Intuitive, and strong.

She acts as a mother for the group. She can take care of herself and others around her. She's patient and calm, and always comforts others; although she's terrible at cooking and other labors, she's really good at fixing things.
Mercedes has long dark purple(if not black) straight hair, that goes past her waist, and Amber eyes.


Mercedes' twin brother.
Snotty and Arrogant, but extremely intelligent. He persuaded his sister to leave their parents' and pursue the adventure they longed for, instead of being stuck home studying, to become his father's sucesor.
Just like his siter, Luken has Amber eyes, and long straight hair, that he ties in a ponytail. He also as a short layer of hair that spikes at his ear lenght.
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